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Citrus Sensations

We set up in most major fairs and festivals in and around the Terre Haute, Indiana area.

If there is an event that you would like to see us at, please let us know, and we can look into attending that event as well.

These drinks are truly AMAZING!

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Bridgeton Covered Bridge Festival

Things we have heard from MANY of our customers

Strawberry Sensation

Our drinks consist of a citrus base, including Lemon, Lime and Orange.  Then are flavored with pureed fruits of your choice. NOT fruit flavored syrups.

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Our menu

Raspberry Sensation

Blueberry Sensation

Tropical Sensation

Mango Sensation

More flavors may be added in the future.

Any and all flavors MAY be combined in a single drink. Try a Tropical Strawberry!

Orange Sensation

Lemon Sensation


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Citrus Sensations,

2111 Washington Ave

Terre Haute, IN  47803

Phone: 812-223-4202

Email: sales@citrussensations.com

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For reservations call: 812-223-4202

A Sensational Fruit Drink

Citrus Sensations
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